About me!!

Hi there, I am Nazia from India. Originally from the southern part of India named Tamil Nadu, I have stayed in both North and South India. Been living for almost ten years in UAE now, I have also been to seven different foreign countries. I am a stay-at-home mom who had almost drowned in the robotic mundane ocean of life. As a means of swimming out of the deep normalcy, I tried to find out different ways of keeping myself engaged and to use my time productively. After much contemplation, I decided to blog as a way to share my thoughts about myriad of topics. I believe blogging is a great way to de-stress myself, to reach out to people with similar ideologies and to understand different opinions. Join me as I take you on my expeditions into my life, share stories of successful and highly intellectual people, discuss book reviews, take you on crazy foreign trips and also share some of mouth- watering scrumptious recipes. I am passionate to write about food, culture, travel, family, child, motherhood, movies and parenting. A mother of two beautiful daughters in a foreign land, I am eager to share experiences of my tumultuous but beautiful journey of life.

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